If you love your pet beyond reason and want the peace of mind of a veterinarian who will be a caring and trusted guide, go straight to Yorkson Creek Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Kim and all of the staff are endlessly compassionate and kind; highly knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Kim helped our family through some tough times with our beloved dogs Koda and Benny and now cares for our new little family member Olive. We are unwaveringly loyal to her because she is unwaveringly devoted to our pets’ (ALL pets’) welfare. She even texted Olive after surgery to see how she was doing!

The folks at Yorkson Creek understand the special relationships we have with our animal friends and treat the humans as kindly as they do the patients! The security of having a vet that you truly trust is a gift I would wish for anyone.

Smitty Miller and Lynda Konarski