June 29, 2021

My dog Duke had a lot of issues his entire life. Allergies, infections, spine surgeries and in the end cancer. I spent a lot of time at the vets. I had been to many different vets over the course of his life (he lived to 15). I always found it challenging. From people not really wanting to investigate the real issue or just wanting to prescribe us meds for a few weeks that wouldn’t really resolve anything. I was so glad when I found Dr. Corfield. I had never experienced a vet who cared so much about the well-being of my dog. She and her team are very passionate about what they do. Dr. Corfield always did what was in the best interest of Duke but she never pressured me into buying unnecessary prescriptions and we always consulted on the best course of action. I don’t think Duke would have lived as long as he did if it wasn’t for the team at Yorkson Creek Veterinary Hospital. I am so grateful to have had all that support during Dukes final days. I cannot thank her and the staff enough.
Rae-Anne and the amazing Duke <3